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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Safely Home

Well, I'm safely home at my folks place in Melbourne.

I do like driving my Bentley. It's so easy eat the miles with the cruise or speed control on.

Just a touch of the go pedal and you can fly past anyone.

So here is a quick summary.

Left Canberra at 8:14pm with 120313km on the clock - 100km ODO.

Stopped at Yass at 8:45pm. Grabbed a bite, topped up fuel. 120380km with 167km ODO

Then I put 33.74L of petrol, for $51.59, that's 152.9c per litre.

I had the TomTom going, as well as an iPhone app which shows altitude, heading, distance travelled, time taken and current speed.

I still use the TomTom as it gives speed camera alerts, and displays distance and projected time to destination.

I also like the stereo GPS speedos as they are more accurate than the analogue Bentley one.

I mount them high up as they don't obstruct the view of the flying B as much.

The iPhone app also does HUD - as in heads up display. It works quite well, but the iPhone kept slipping around on the dash.

The second stop was at the Wangaratta Service Centre at 12:28am.

Put 53.98L in at a cost of $87.94, being 162.9c/l. On the clock it was 120755km with 542 on the ODO.

I let the Bentley cool down a little as well, and ate a snack with a little walk around the rest stop.

Then it was arrival at my parents place in Melbourne at 3:14am

That's exactly a 7 hour drive to the minute. The app tells me 654.5kms.

I forgot to take a photo of the speedo on the Bentley - and can't be bothered going to the car now as I'm in bed.

Good night, I'll update tomorrow if I get a chance.


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