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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pablo's Phantom by Kenjonbro

Or is it Pablo's Pantom...?
It certainly ain't a Goodwood original.
Stunning nonetheless...
We have posted it before here:
But Ken (and many others) has seen it on the street. He had his camera, though.
UK designer Pablo Rabiella's somewhat interesting Phantom.
In the Phlesh, on the street.
This car cannot drive by unnoticed.
Call the design Police.
This Phantom wants to be noticed too, but in a somewhat modest way.
Standing out from the others is not a new thing with Rolls-Royce owners.
Here's a couple of Silver Wraiths strutting their stuff:
All spotted by (and credited to) Ken in Trafalgar Square.
(Posted by David Irvine - WOW!)


At 3:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That 'Pablo' Phantom is absolutely horrendous!! Who ever commissioned such a hideous looking vehicle? That has to be THE ABSOLUTE WORST conceptualization of vulgarity ever on 4-wheels never mind a Rolls Royce. As they say in the U.K. 'very Chav' and as they would say in the U.S.A. a 'pimp mobile' if there ever was. Sad.


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