"Rapper Rick Ross' bullet-riddled Rolls Royce crashes into building as he escapes drive-by shooting after partying with Diddy."

"The incident began about 5am with reports of shots being fired along Las Olas Boulevard, according to Detective DeAnna Garcia.

Investigators later learned that shots from another vehicle had been fired at a the Rolls-Royce that was traveling eastbound on Las Olas, Garcia said.

The Rolls-Royce drier attempted to escape the gunfire but lost control of the vehicle and ran into the wall of the apartment building next to the Floridian Restaurant.

The two people inside the Rolls-Royce were not hit by gunfire, police said. "

Bloody 'ell...
Someone out there doesn't seem to like Rick Ross...
He seems harmless to me.
But please, leave his car out of it.
After a nice quiet relaxing party with his best friends someone shot at his Ghost:
That poor car.....
Mind you, I don't see any bulletholes, though.


Sorry Rick, but you do have a Phantom as well  - right...?
Rappers don't just drive Ghosts...
Bun Bee's got a Phantom - I've seen it..
Here it is:

And whoever this is I photographed (in Las Vegas):
Ross' pal Drake drove one for a while and will get another now, right?
Rick, when you get the insurance cheque, buy a used  Phantom. They're close to to One Hundred K now - and worth every penny for image...
Just stay away from the Diddy Men.
That actually may possibly be the wrong 'Diddy'....
How 'Tattyphilarious'.
Terry & Steve who I had a conversation with in Louisville will understand that part.
(Posted by David Irvine)