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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Bentley Brand Story

From the official Bentley Motors Youtube channel comes the Bentley Brand Story.

A Bentley ad.

From the other crap Bentley videos popping up online, I think Bentley Motors must have gone to market for this.

I'm glad they chose this one over the other crap, but Bentley Motors have been known to commission not the best films.

Take this Bentley film for example - The Flying 'B'

My comment on this video was:

"Cool idea, but 1990's cock rock music? Come on!
Are you sure this meets the Bentley Motors standard of video production?
Compare this to the 'Colour is personal' Bentley video, where beautiful music titled "Bentley Suite Part I" was commissioned by film composer Mario Grigorow.
Or the Bentley videos by Austin Reza with modern dub step music. They are much much better than this!
I like the concept though, just please project the Bentley quality in the video production!"

Here is th 'Colour is personal' Bentley Motors video I referenced.

I think it's great.


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