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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

'OI !'

I'd forgotten about this.
One of the registration number suffix's (suffi?) for Belfast, Northern Ireland are the letters 'OI'.
"Belfast DVA licensing office: (in original issuing sequence) OI XI AZ CZ EZ FZ GZ MZ OZ PZ TZ UZ WZ
AOI 1 to GOI 8300 (Apr 1969 – Dec 1973); authority transferred to Belfast LVLO/VRO from 1 January 1974.
GOI 8301 to YOI 99996 (Jan 1974 – Apr 1982)"
Here are some of my old shots of examples on Crewe products over thirty years ago:
UOI again:
How about this one?
How cool...
ROI - the King of plates....
But ROI 15 was the ultimate plate.
The story I heard back in the late seventies was that ROI 15 was registered to a Ford Cortina and someone caught on to how it seems to read.
That Ford sold for a very silly high amount of money.
 Back then you had to buy the car and the plate and do the transfer yourself.
ROI 15 seemed to fall into the wrong hands:
Strange the the gentleman's name was Mr. Bentley.
Petrol was expensive back then too, apparently.
Does anyone know where this plate is today?
Another almost appropriate Northern Irish plate for a Crewe car has turned up on Ebay U.K.
A Londonderry plate:
"TUI 900".
UI is the suffix for that county.

"Londonderry DVA licensing office: UI

UI 1 to UI 9999 (Jan 1904 – Aug 1963).
100 UI to 9999 UI (Aug 1963 – Apr 1973).
AUI 1 to AUI 1109 (Apr 1973 - Dec 1973); authority transferred to Londonderry LVLO/VRO from 1 January 1974;
AUI 1110 to YUI 999814 (1 Jan 1974 - current).
The current sequence AUI 1110 to YUI 9500 began on 1 January 1974. The current issue (as of October 2011) is TUI.
14 CUI ended at 7388 due to computerisation in October 1986, followed by DUI 101."
Trying to be 1900 TU ...?
I think it's sold now anyway.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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