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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Four Inches

The 1977 to 1980 Silver Wraith II.
I just came across this forgotten 1978 brochure from my old 'box of RR stuff'.
Not sure why Rolls-Royce would show a car with French spec. yellow headlamps in a brochure. LHD too.
Really a Silver Shadow II LWB renamed.
Nice registration number. Not French...
Four inches longer, a smaller rear window (a la Shadow LWB), the plain Corniche/Camargue wheel trims (I never liked those covers...)  and the Everflex roof - on pretty well most, but not all....
That's a lot of work. A longer door, longer door glass as well as the body stretch - all for four inches.
But it does make a difference.
More brochure images:
And the extra RR badge on the rear C pillar:
Perfect for a quick run to the bank.
What I did notice today on my brochure was the 'Gulliver Motors' stamp.
Gulliver Motors was a Rolls-Royce dealer in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada up until the early eighties.
(Now Ontario's only RR/B dealer is Grand Touring Automobiles in Toronto.)
I must've picked it up on my 1980 Hamilton visit:
Note the big 'G' Union Jack on the wall.
Yeah, that is actually me thirty two years ago....
And the Wraith II was available with a division (again, just like the LWB Shadow)
Here's a car Rodd had a while ago:
Ahh, the division, perfect for outings with the In-Laws. Pull the fuse when the glass is up...
(posted by David Irvine)


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