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Monday, August 13, 2012

Up Close: The Bentley Continental SC


The Bentley Continental SC was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in August 1998.


Based on the Continental T, the Continental SC (or Sedanca Coupe) features lift out glass panels over the front seats.
Only 79 examples of the Continental SC (including six Mulliner SCs) were made and spotting one is a rare experience.


Here is one of the promotional photos Bentley Motor used at the launch:

But Bentley Spotting can do better much better!


Here we have a series of close-up photos of a Continental SC...
But not just any old Continental SC!
This car was owned by Mike Tyson:


So let's take a look at it.


First a series of full-length shots showing the front spoiler, rear bumper and sills that are unique to the model:


Now let's take a closer look at the most important part…two high-strength glass panels that fit above the driver and front passenger.
And a third, fixed panel over the rear passengers:

And now let's remove the panels to get the full open air experience:

We also get a better look at the luxurious interior of polished wood veneers, soft-touch leather, solid metal fittings, thick-pile carpet and lambs-wool rugs:
Did you spot the toggle switch to the right of the wonderful gear selector?
That's the switch which locks/unlocks the glass roof panels in position.


In case you're wondering, the glass panels can be stored in a special boot compartment when not in use.


Now let's look a closer look at the twin headlights:

And the distinctive spot light that is integrated into the air dam: 

And now the Continental SC badge and the rear lamp cluster:

And let's finish with some more full-length shots:

Whetted your appetite? Now just to find one for sale…


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