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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Down Under, Part 1

Combi vans, Vegemite sandwiches and beer...
All symbols of Australia that Men At Work sang about in "Down Under" their international hit single:
In January 1983 it was Number One in the British charts and I remember it well.
Those lyrics may even have encouraged me to spend 7 months "Down Under" almost 10-years later.
And as I travelled the country I also experienced Combi vans, Vegemite sandwiches and slabs of VB, Tooheys & Castlemaine.
I also enjoyed many amazing sights...
Including Sydney's Opera House & Harbour Bridge:

Katherine Gorge:


And the Pinnacles Desert:
Those photos aren't mine...they're random web finds. 
But I did take the following pictures of the Rolls-Royces and Bentleys I saw as I travelled from place to place.
So here is some "Down Under Bentley Spotting" from almost 20 years ago:


New South Wales


This photo was taken at the service depot of York Motors of Sydney, official Rolls-Royce & Bentley distributors at the time:


Notice the "SPIRIT" registration.
And here are some other photos from around the city:
A Silver Cloud III under the Harbour Bridge.... 




This photo of a Silver Spirit II was taken outside of Hamiltons, the then official Rolls-Royce & Bentley distributor for Melbourne:


And these photos were taken at RA McDermott, a Rolls-Royce & Bentley specialist then operating out of Richmond, Melbourne:


I especialy like this T2...

And this lovely Bentley T Coupe was parked outside of Dutton, a classic car specialist:



These photos are from around Melbourne:

Just calling in for a Yarra Thai take out...

I was even lucky enough to catch the Hooper Emperor State Landaulette during its charity tour of Australia:



Western Australia


This Turbo R & Mulsanne S were photographed at Chellingworth Motors, still the official Bentley distributor for Perth:


And this Silver Spirit was parked downtown:

Do any of our Down Under readers recognize or own one of these cars?

Photos of Australia - webfinds
(Posted by Andy)




At 3:03 am, Blogger Irvine said...

Fantastic shots!
I love the red T2 Bentley.
Good job.

At 6:13 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The black S3 ist quite intetesting and hence very rare as she has rear quarter lights able to get opened!!°


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