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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cut 'n' Paste

Most people have no idea what's involved in making an extended wheelbase car.
I am aware of some of it.
It seems that you start with a standard car and simply do horrific things to it.
It involves grinders, saws and welders. More leather, more sheet metal and more paint.
Time too.
Lots of... 
Pretty scary.
The end result is amazing:
Here's the one that ARRIVED at the Louisville RROC meet in June
This is the way stretched cars should all be. Raised roofline and the stretch behind the rear door - not in between the doors.
Oooh, the smaller rear window....
Apparently this particular car was ordered by Henry Kissinger, used once for a formal dinner and then stashed away. Maybe used for the odd important wedding.
Well she's out again now.
Thanks 'J.C.'..
This one even has the early apple ipod system...
(That was supposed to funny)
It is stunning.
Maybe I'd fit the big rectangular headlamps though.
Okay, so this example from a U.K. meet is not stretched from the back (no high roof either) but you see what I mean - these lights look far better than the U.S. spec ones.
The Coachbuilders' art is still alive and well.
Thanks to Hans for the 'chop shots' - Mulliners' shop actually; Rodd for the standard SZ car shot and the last shot from Marinus'  (great site, so check it out)- the rest are mine.
(Posted by David Irvine)


At 11:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree - those stretches are beautiful regarding design - but I know that old people (kings and queens etc) hate them because it is difficult to enter and leave when you are not that fit.


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