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Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Would You Loike a Cuppov Tea Father"

Ahh, Father Ted, that hilarious old TV show.
Mrs. Doyle and her tea.
What a face. You couldn't turn down that cuppa, could you?
Don't - she gets rather upset....
Well, old Mrs. Doyle would love Ebay USA this week.
There are a number of Ts:
This white one:
Not so sure about the garbage bags in the background.
The same seller has this one too:
It sits a bit low at the front, but it's fixable.
Then this 1969:
Finally a very rare T2:
As you know, I love the SY series cars (Silver Shadows and Ts) but that rounded Bentley grille does work so well on this bodyshell....
(posted by David Irvine- and thanks to Rodd for some of the last shots)


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