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Monday, June 25, 2012

'TORONTO or Bust' this time.

Louisville or Bust Day 8 - well, to me it is...
Off we go. Make sure it's in 'D' - not 'I' and that the parking brake is off.....
Where's Herb?
And Johnny Fever.
Home of "WKRP....."
"Hey, euh, can you help me here?"
Is that good?
What? More...?
Okay, that's all I have....
Tanker shot:
Cooling down at the rest area:
Bugs and all.
Gas Pig. In yer face..
Another one:
Holy Toledo!
We're halfway now.
Motor City.
His sign actually says "My Silver Shadow just failed to proceed. I need a tow and a bus fare, please."
Or maybe it was a Spirit...
Look carefully....
The Ambassador bridge to Canada:
More car guys...
Ontario at last.
More gas.
Almost home - two more hours.
It rained just as we were almost home.
We made it. We took the illegal British front number plate off in Kentucky, by the way.
$210 in gas today.
The whole week was 1,400 miles or 2,240kms.
Now she needs a wash. But what a week. A brilliant week!
Details to come over the next few weeks.
(Posted by David Irvine)


At 8:17 am, Anonymous Guy Burden said...

David; I have so enjoyed watching your adventure in 1800 TU, visiting the site each night for an update. The pics were great quality and interesting too.
Thanks for keeping up the standard of this great site. Further donation soon.
Guy Burden


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