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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silver Ghost - the Hollywood Version.

Back in 1972 BBC made a four episode drama series entitled 'The Edwardians'.
The DVD is readily available.
The episode I enjoyed the most (naturally) was "Mr.Rolls and Mr.Royce". The story of how these two gentlemen got together and developed the Rolls-Royce iconic name and the Silver Ghost.
"Royce-Rolls" , "No, Rolls-Royce....." is one of the memorable lines.
Robert Powell plays Charles Rolls
And Michael Jayston plays Frederick Royce
It's not fast paced, the acting a bit 'corny' compared to today's dramas but it works and it's nice to see the story we all know being acted out.
Well, now Hollywood is working on the old story. But with a twist.
A new movie to be called 'Silver Ghost' by none other than Martin Scorsese...
With the aid of Richard Attenborough and Anthony Haas.
But Hollywood movies must have scandal. So Lord Montague's affair with Eleanor Thornton (as we all know, the model for the Spirit of Ecstasy) seems to be the main plot. Never mind the cars....
Sex in a film about Rolls-Royce? That's Hollywood for you.
Read on:
Only in America...
But I will go see it when it comes out - I'm looking forward to it and hope it works.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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