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Monday, June 11, 2012

Pagoda Roof

The term 'Pagoda' in car design...
"A pagoda is the general term for a tiered tower with multiple eaves"
Then Mercedes-Benz reinvented the use of the word in car design with their W113 SL with that famous roofline :
Now it is on their excellent new 2013 W246 B-Class. An efficient aerodynamic concave roof design to assist in air flow.
Wow! Hi-tech (or is it?).
Now I come to think of it, many cars have this feature these days.
Including the C6 Corvette:
But did Mercedes actually start this trend...?
Let's go back to the very late 1950s (well over half a century ago) - to the design of the 'SY' series Rolls-Royce model (Silver Shadow). This car was finally introduced in 1966 after a long design period.
No C.A.D. back then.
Look at Crewe's prototype 220PMB's roof (Hmmm, '220 Pagoda Mercedes-Benz'- wrong plate used on this one):
Notice the higher roofline on about ten inches of the outer sides.
Let's use my 1975 as another example...
There is a distinct 'Pagoda' style roofline on all these cars. This continued into the SZ series (Silver Spirit/Spur) series as well.
Another reminder that Rolls-Royce really were way ahead of everybody else for a long time.
"There's only so much you can do - Just make sure you're the first to do it." (Anonymous)
(Posted by David Irvine)


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