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Saturday, June 16, 2012

1983 Bentley Mulsanne Turbo Sports Estate

What is described by The Daily Mail as an 'acquired taste' car hits the auction blocks today.

I like their headline "Want to take it for a taste drive? Bentley converted into 'rhubarb and custard' estate car goes on sale for £25,000"

The coachbuilder is Coway Ltd of Bolton who mainly do hearses.

What I'm more interested in is the retro fitting of the plastic moulded bumper bars and shorter grill.

Please take those badges off the final pillar. Please.

Along with the new alloys, this certainly does not look like a 1983 car. More like a 1996.

From the rear you can tell it was built by a hearse maker. The angle of the tail gate is a little off. Way too erect.

Make that 4 rear badges. Not over the top at all.

SCBZS0T04DCH07397 for those that care.

From the interior the age of the car shows itself.

The key position, steering wheel, air vents all show a pre 30000 series car.

Get your bid in at Bonhams here.

Thanks Neil and Andy for sending in the info.


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