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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Hooper Phone Home

I do find it slightly amusing that the concept of a car phone is so outdated.

They are now vintage items. Ironic hipster cool.

If you saw someone using a car phone today, you would laugh at them. Because it is so cool.

Let's check out some amazing car phone from the coachbuilder Hooper & Co.

I like this one. Arm rest cavity mounted. Colour coded to the interior leather. And I'm pretty sure it would have a cord.


You want extra cool?

Try this red velour interior, with a home phone mounted inside a cabinet in the back of the seats.

How cool would it be if you saw someone using that! Whilst drinking a large Scotch. You could probably be sexist and get away with it.

Where is the phone in this one you may ask?

Take a look at the centre console. Yep, with a white number pad - you have a built in phone in the centre console!

We are talking hands free on the Camargue! Way cool.

Or this one.

I'll take the walnut veneer car phone please.

Hooper & Co were way ahead of their time.



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