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Wednesday, April 04, 2012


French Coachbuilders..
Henri Chapron - one of the best.

Henri Chapron was a prominent French automobile coachbuilder. His workshop, created in 1919, was located in the Paris suburb of Levallois-Perret.

Chapron began his career developing custom body designs for French luxury vehicles, like Talbot, Delahaye and Delage, in the 1920s.

As France ceased building vehicles of this type in the 1950s, Chapron switched his attention to the recently launched Citro├źn DS  with its revolutionary aerodynamic design and radical hydraulic suspension. At first Chapron purchased these vehicles and customised them as one-off conversions. Many of these became unique convertible variants of the DS known as the "D├ęcapotable". All told, Chapron created 389 hand-built DS convertibles.

Here's one of those Citroens I spotted in Toronto:


But Chapron worked on Rolls-Royces too. There is a Phantom V available at the Imperial Palace Auto Collection in Las Vegas.

Very much 'James Young meets Freestone & Webb....'





Well, she's available, but not finished.

90% completed, eh?

Hmmmm? Now what colour could we choose.....?,year&sr=69


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