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Sunday, March 04, 2012

Kuwait Concours d'elegence 2012

The Kuwait Concours d'elegence 2012 seems like quite a big event.

Here is a summary from Arab Motors TV.

Bentley Motors obviously cared quite a bit, as they bought both EXP2 and Speed 8 along for the show.

Arab Motors TV did quite a good video of Bentley. Check it out.

Now to amateur hour. From the people who entered, or just went along to the show.

Add cheesy music, bad transitions and it's Youtube gold. You can tell he had a great day!

And here is a long video of most parts of the show.

Be careful, the music is quite hypnotic and you may watch it for the full 12 minutes.

I was surprised to see a Bentley Zagato with new wheels 12.43


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