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Monday, February 13, 2012

Modern Magic Carpet Ride

We all need to take a road trip to Crewe. A pilgrimage, if I may say.
In their visitor presentation area you will find a Bentley Museum' detailing the history and timeline of the company. Included is this stunning Bentley R-Type Continental - once hailed by Autocar magazine as a "Modern Magic Carpet which annihilates huge distances and delivers occupants well nigh and fresh as they started".
Quite a statement...
Rodd Sala was there a few weeks ago and took these (of many)shots for us.
Modern technology, old word techniques, clay models, engines, Bentleys ...Oh, my!
If you find all too overwhelming just run outside for some fresh air and a break. But keep your eyes closed as there is more lurking out there....
Thanks again to Rodd for the photos.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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