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Monday, February 06, 2012


Back in 1980 I 'spotted' this car.
The coolest thing. A rare 1975 Camargue - in red.
I saw it two days in a row - the second day I saw the owner in the car, in traffic - on the phone -1980, remember that? Phones in cars were a big deal back then.
This car is now for sale by the London LHD Centre (mind you, it is RHD....)
The owner was in the aeroplane business (and a former RAF pilot) hence the plate JET5 (Jets) ,and it's an early Camargue - one of which actually did sport the factory '1800TU' registration before becoming JET5. He saw the car at Jack Barclay's and wanted it.
He got it. At the time the most expensive production car in the world.
Somebody, please buy this piece of history.
One owner since new. I would buy this car if I had some spare cash. My wife would kill me though so it would end up back on the market immediately as a two owner car.
Call Jim, London LHD Centre.
(Posted by David Irvine)


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