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Monday, February 13, 2012

Doing the Continental

Well, now we are on the theme of Bentley Continentals.
It started with the Embiricos Bentley of 1938, but the H.J Mulliner creation from 1952 changed everything.

Henry Jervis Mulliner founded H.J. Mulliner & Co. a coachbuilding business in 1900 in Brook Street, Mayfair, London. These were probably the premises previously occupied by Mulliners (London) Ltd. The location was convenient for his clients. One of the early clients was C.S. Rolls who had a body built on a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost for his own use.

Here are some of my own shots. Cars I have seen and/or touched...
This one I photographed in 1981 in Toronto.

All Continentals are beautiful.


A shot I took in London in 1981



The RROC meet in Toronto in 1985

Then the S2 & S3 versions also known (politically incorrectly) as the 'Chinese Eye' cars.


Then the T type Corniche Continental

This particular one a special pre factory turbo I shot in 1985. Way ahead...

This shot is so eighties. Nice attire.... Where's the white Testarossa?


The mid 1990s Continental R brought exclusivity back from the (still nice, though) re badged Corniches.


The LeMans steroided and gilled version:

Which, I hear rides horribly on bad roads...

Who cares? It looks fantastic!

The name has carried on to the modern cars, although the original series has influenced the modern design.

That definitive 'coke bottle' (if I may say,) design.

You just cannot dislike these cars.

Thanks to Rodd for the last two shots. All the others are mine - most using film (what's that? Some may ask...).

(Posted by David Irvine)


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