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Friday, January 06, 2012

Supersize Me

Some people just aren’t satisfied with a regular cheeseburger.

They want a “mega-tamago burger”; three beef patties, egg, bacon and cheese.

For some people, a regular Bentley just isn’t enough.

They need the supersize version with shiny bits galore.

On the specials board, you may prefer the a supersized Bentley Arnage.

These super sized Arnage offerings are generally cooked up in the USA.

And who fries up these super sized offerings in the UK as the official coachbuilder of Rolls-Royce Motors?

Robert Jankel Design is the chef.

For one person, a regular 1985 Bentley Mulsanne simply wasn’t large enough, they ordered this supersized Bentley Limousine II from Robert Jankel Design.

The Limousine II is extended by 44” (111.76 cm) to give plenty of room in the rear compartment and space for a division, side mounted console housing a television, audio system, cocktail cabinet and a separate champagne refrigerator.

With fries on the side.

Here is the design sketch.

This is a special treat from the kitchen.

A photo of a Limousine II conversion underway at the Robert Jankel Design workshop.

Amazingly the interior alone is reputed to have taken up to 500 hours to complete. (Click photo to enlarge)

Anyone for a Limousine II and mega-tamago burger to go?

Hope you can make it through the drive thru.

(Posted by Andy)


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