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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Restoring the First Production Bentley Mulsanne

This car, chassis number 1017, is the first production Bentley Mulsanne made.

The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Bentley Mulsanne chassis number sequence commenced at 1001.

The car was used on the World Press Launch of this new model range at Mulsanne in France, and here it is.

718 FUW - 1980 Bentley Mulsanne - How it looked when it began life !

Factory build sheets dated May 1980 (when the Shadow II/T2 range was still in production) record it as ACH 1017 SZ Project Launch Car, the "Mulsanne" name having not yet been finalised.
The car was finished in magnolia with Brazil Parkertex trim and first registered "1900 TU" to Rolls-Royce Motors Ltd on 1st September 1980, some months before the range was released for public sale.

In March 1981 it was replaced as the factory demonstrator by a Georgian Silver Mulsanne and re-registered "ADM 428W", which it retained for many years until disposed of by Rolls-Royce in August 1995.

In 1983 ACH 1017 was repainted in Paprika metallic (a Camargue option) by Rolls-Royce, while various specification changes were tried out, such as twin headlamps, alloy wheels and leather steering wheel, all of which were later standardised and are retained by the car to this day.

718 FUW - 1980 Bentley Mulsanne - Press Launch Car - restoration Complete

It is on record as serving with the Chauffeurs School for many years following a period as the Managing Director's personal transport.

Rolls-Royce Motors correspondence indicates that the car's first post-factory owner was a Mr Adrian Hall Carpenter.

Purchased by Arthur in 2003 years ago, the vehicle has undergone extensive refurbishment, including a high-class re-spray, renovation of the 1990-specification alloy wheels and comprehensive detailing of the engine compartment, interior and under-body.

Here is the gallery of photos of the restoration.

The car was restored by Arthur Nasey in 2005.

Here it is parked at its name sake.

718 FUW - 1980 Bentley Mulsanne - Back to where it got its name !

It certainly looks great.

Thanks Andy for the link and Flickr user homer----simpson.


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