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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Bentley Wheels

During the week I changed the black centre caps on my 18" wheels to red centre caps.

Read about it more here.

Team Bentley Spotting member David rightly pointed out that I needed better photographs of the final result.

So here they are.

Up close for the detail.

And the Bentley as a whole.

Now is situ, with a little more photo composition.

Now how about a video walk-a-round?

Even the bird likes playing with it!

So my wheels have gone from the standard 15" alloys.

To the Continental T 18" alloys with black centre caps.

To now with red centre caps.

You can probably tell I'm enjoying being the custodian of this car.

Yes, yes I still have the 15" alloys when I might feel like putting them back on.


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