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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Colour Wheels

This is how my wheels looked when I purchased them with the assistance of Ekberg & Lang, Australian largest dealer in Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

Read more about my Bentley's new shoes here.

One of the things that kind of needed changing was the centre caps.

They were the wrong colour for a Bentley turbo car. Red is needed to match the badges on the car. Needed is a little strong. Wanted.

Also the tyres came with plastic valve caps. I immediately changed the plastic caps for the metal ones from my 15" alloys.

Here they are.

Check out what I managed to buy from a US seller off ebay for USD$31.00 plus USD$13.50 delivery down under for a total of USD$44.50

Red Bentley wheel valve covers.

I did call Bentley Motors in Melbourne to try and pick some up straight away, but they did not have any red ones in stock.

They certainly do look good, but don't quite match the centre caps at the moment.

I have kept the metal ones handy, just in case a young boy decided that it may be a good idea to souvenir one of the red Bentley ones when I'm having a drink at the pub.

Hopefully not. I'll report back when it happens.

But look at what arrived in the mail!

That's right, my purchase from Flying Spares of red centre caps arrived today!

I got three quotes for these - from Bentley Motors Melbourne, Flying Spares and Montague & Co.

Bentley Motor included GST (Aussie VAT) and ended up being more than double that of Flying Spares and Montague & Co. who were about the same.

I paid £10.68 each plus £8.00 delivery down under for a total cost of £50.72. For essentially four red stickers.

They will look good.

So it is off with the hub caps to change the centre caps.

And to the Team Bentley work space. Otherwise known as the dining room table.

All set up for some colour change action.

Conventily on the back of the hub cap there is a hole where you can push out the centre caps.

My tool to push out the centre cap was a traditional Fijian cannibal fork.

Not the most obvious choice of tool, but certainly a interesting gift I recieved at my cousins wedding when he married a beautiful Fijian girl.

After some prizing out, the black cap was removed.

Then I gave the hub caps a good clean with metho.

Then stuck on the red centre cap!

Repeat four times.

Then pop back on the Bentley Turbo R.

Much better now that the badge colour matched the valve cap colour that matched the centre cap colour. All matchy matchy.

Just looks right now. £50.72 plus USD$44.50 on vanity.


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