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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rolls-Royce at Crewe in 1995

Here are some very rare videos of inside the Factory at Crewe in 1995.

Rolls-Royce Motors Cars was in its dark days. They had been pumping out the same Silver Spirit car for 15 years and the bean counters had started to count.

Keeping up with the Jones's did not quite seem to happen on the production front, and you can tell in the videos.

Even the commentary mentions the changes to the management style of the production line.

Quite unusual for a promotional video, but quite telling that they mention that there are now 'teams' with no supervisors and areas have collective responsibility with no inspectors.

First video - the production of the engine.

Then the wood and leather. It's pretty funny that in 1995 they still say that sewing is ladies work.

Now the radiator.

I think we all need to thank the Royal Family of Brunei for spending multiple millions of pounds at Crewe that kept the factory going during this period.

Just think, at this time just off camera the Mulliner Park Ward Bespoke Projects division was building four wheels drives and plenty of Estate cars and hard top convertibles all for Brunei.

Thank you Prince Jefri for your unique ways.


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