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Thursday, June 02, 2011


A SUFACON has turned up for sale again.

It sounds like the name of an eighties alternative band, but no, it's a specially modified 1993 Continental R (SUper FAst CONtinental - how clever..) for none other than the Sultan of Brunei.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continental R

The extra louvres and the different front bumper do look good.

A previous Brunei Special SUFACON again from 1993 has turned up for sale before as well.

Here is a picture of another SUFACON - without side vents and no mesh under front lights. More info here.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continential R Special

It is presumed that these two Bentley Specials were from a run of two Continental Rs made for the Sultan (or more specifically the Royal Family of Brunei) SCBZB04D7PCH00207 Bentley Continental R UK registration JB3, and SCBZH04D0PCH00208 Bentley Continental R UK registration 1H, from the Sultan of Brunei VIN number list. Read more about the Sultan's Bentleys here and Rolls Royce's here, more a greater number of posts relating to Sultans, Shieks, Kings and Queens here.

Presumed upgrades include Twin Intercoolers, Water Injection, Special Louvered Vents, 17" Bentley Alloy Wheels and Azure Seats.

The Continental R is one of those cars that just ages gracefully - a bit like Sophia Loren... Designers John Heffernan and Ken Greenley (of DB7 fame) did a great job and I'm sure they know it.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continental R

The car is currently for sale for £85,000 from P&A Wood.

Sultan of Brunei Bentley Continental R

Read more about the other SUFACON here, including the previous sale price for those that are interested.

(Posted by David Irvine- and again, thanks to Alain for info)

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