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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Velvet Bentley

Take a look at this quite normal looking Bentley Turbo R.

Someone has cared for it by painting the B on the alloys.

It has an mesh grill which is not standard and still retains the rectangle lights, resisting the urge to go for the twin round lamps.

From the rear the red coachline does look impressive on the grey paint.

But when you open the door you will notice something quite special.

Not leather darling, velvet!

Velvet all round, including the door panels!

It is just great! Smother it everywhere. It feels good. More. More.

It you want it, buy it for £6,495 from the dealer below.

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And for the keen spotters you would have noticed the pre 1987 steering wheel, yep it is a 1985 model. The ad says it is a fuel injection model which sounds suspicious, but if you like velvet...



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