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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bentley Mulliner Showroom at Crewe

This is quite a nice insight into the Bentley Mulliner Showroom at Crewe taken presumably by a customer perspective, Flickr user KingstonChang.

Interesting enough he also sent a day commissioning a Bugatti Super Sport, also with photos.

It seems that Bugatti had better cakes than Bentley.

There are 50+ photos of Bentley Mulliner Showroom, so stop or play the slideshow as you see fit, as it starts automatically.

From this photo set I leant the proper Bentley way to hang hides.

Here they are.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

They all look very good and proper hanging on the wall. Quite well displayed.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

And how does one protect the hides from the metal hangers on the wall?

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

With toilet paper of course.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

Bentley can sell you can million dollar Arnage RL 728, but you are choosing the leather hanging from a rolls of dunny paper.

Three rolls of toilet paper does the trick it you want to replicate it at home.

I love it.


At 7:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello does anybody know after looking at the mulliner photos what mulliner options are avalible for the mulsanne im a bit dissapointed that the Bentley motors website has no information on this subject you would have thought by now that this information would be relative


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