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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bentley Camargue for sale

I got a little excited when I receive an email that stated, "Bentley Camargue for sale in Vancouver Canada".

I immediately thought is was the one and only Bentley Camargue SCBYJ000XFCH10150.

But alas it was not. It was a former Rolls-Royce turned Bentley, and here it is below.

I have to say, that the person who made the grill did not really study the couple of examples from Crewe.

I say a couple as one was an experimental Camargue made with a Bentley grill, and the other was the only production Bentley Camargue SCBYJ000XFCH10150.

Here is the experimental Camargue test car. Note the Crewe test car number plate.

Bentley Camargue

And here is the Bentley grill of the only real Bentley Camargue SCBYJ000XFCH10150.

Bentley Camargue

As you can see, the maker of this grill was a little, well a lot, off. The balance is not quite right, and the surround is too much. More like a Superfly Cadillac than a Bentley.

But goodonya for trying.

To think about it though, it is quite hard to make a well balanced Bentley grill when you are dealing with a 9 or is it 7 degree slanting inwards grill with a massive width. Blame the Italians for the design.

The rear lights have also been modified. I am not sure where they are from, but they seem Italian, probably from a Ferrari of the 70's, like the 365 GTC/4.

Quite fitting in fact. I do like the Bentley hub caps as well.

Another Rolls-Royce to Bentley Camargue with similar rear lights was spotted here.

The car is currently for sale for $35000 on Craigs List here.

Thank you to Arseni for sending in the tip.

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