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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Touring Down Under with the Bentley Drivers Club

The Bentley Drivers Club boys and girls have certainly been a busy mob for the last few months in Australia.

And I really do mean the last few months.

Firstly there was Over the Top Tour of Western Australia.

The Bentley Drivers Club of Western Australia hosted the tour and it set off on 18th June and arrived in Darwin on the 12th July 2010.

Alastair and his wife undertook the tour in a 1957 Bentley S1 Continental Coupe and kindly sent in these photos.

Foreigners just do not quite realise just how large Australia is. True blue. It's bloody big mate.

Just that little drive from Perth to Darwin was 5333km. That is over 3300 miles.

To put it into context, it is further than driving from London to Moscow and back again. That's right and back again. Bloody far.

A total of 44 other cars took part in the Over the Top Tour of Western Australia.


Being Australian, there are always a few people who like to take it that little bit further. And some did.

That's right, the next day after going Over the Top of Australia, they went Done the Side.

Down the side from Darwin to Brisbane. Make that another 3580km.

That tour went from 13th July to the 29th July.

Then on the Friday 30 July till Monday 2 August the Bentley Drivers Club Australian National Rally was held.

This was hosted by the Queensland branch of the Bentley Drivers Club and was centred around Sanctuary Cove.

Brian Carson was the official photographer for the National Rally and sent in these beautiful photographs.

It must have been quite a memorable trip, to say the least.

Thank you to Brian and Alister for sending in photographs, and congratulations to all those who took part and organised such a significant event.

I so want to go on a grand Bentley tour one day.

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