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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Used Cars for Sale. One owner, carefully driven.

Lets take a look at Vinko Motors Ltd, Toronto.

It looks like a quite quaint small user car dealer, taking up a single block of land, selling low end cars.

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Let's take a look from another angle. You would hardly notice Vinko Motors today, it even looks like cars parked in an alley.

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But in the 1970's you would have noticed it.

Same address, same company, different car stock, using the forecourt next door.


That's right, a Silver Cloud, a Bentley S1 (or 2), two Silver Shadows and a Silver Cloud III.

Also a number of very interesting rare German and Italian cars just sitting outside on Dundas Street...

And yes , I do know what they are.

(posted by David Irvine)

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At 12:10 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vinko recently passed away, Oct 2014. He still had an interesting collection well hidden. He owned most of the houses in that neighborhood, bought up properties in the 70's. So Vinko built several garages behind these houses and kept his nice cars in there. He also had a warehouse building in Etobicoke. Several Rolls Royce's, from Clouds to Silver Shadows to Spurs and a Corniche or two. Bentley's as well, Turbo R, etc.


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