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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Time warp lost Photo from 1980

In 1980 I was at the Rolls-Royce dealer (Stanley Harvey's Ltd.) in Belfast showing off my photos to the manager when a customer showed interest . He and his business manager gave me a lift back to my house in his nice 1978 (I think) Silver Shadow II, and chatted with my parents while I took photos of the car on our street. I took one photo of the two gentlemen with the car and once the photos were developed (a week later -no digital cameras back then) I dropped the only copy off to his office in Belfast. I didn't need a photo of two guys blocking the view of a nice Silver Shadow- and forgot about it.

Last year I finally got a scanner that can do negatives as well as regular pictures, so I started looking through all my negatives for something interesting.

To my amazement, I found this shot that that I had completely forgotten about.

It is in my gallery of photos , but it only surfaced in 2009.

Nice attire...I wonder where Jackie Rodgers is now. He made my day..

(posted by David Irvine)

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