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Monday, July 19, 2010

Frua Phantom VI

Here is the huge, ungainly twenty one feet and six inches long four door Phantom VI convertible (PRX4643) designed and partially built by Italian coachbuilder Pietro Frua.

Work began in 1977 but was not finished until 1992 by British Coachbuilders Royle Cars many years after Frua's death.

The interior is quite impressive.

The car is the second Frua Phantom VI as there is also a 1973 two door convertible in light green (for some reason having a lower V.I.N. - PRX4705), with a more pleasing body stlyle.

It is interesting that the rear of the car has two RR badges, one on either side!

The styling cues are certainly similar, and they include the Citroen SM tail lights.

The four door car is arguably the last Phantom VI built as production for the 'regular' and more beautiful Phantom VI ceased in 1991.

It is for sale in the U.S. for 2.75 million from The Auto Collection.

More detailed information about these cars can be found on K.-J. Roßfeldt's site here and here.

(posted by David Irvine)


The green Rolls-Royce Phantom VI 1971/73 Frua Drophead Coupé is also for sale.

The body is a Frua Disegno No. 869.

This is spectacular photography for a used car sales ad.

But you really would expect that from a dealer in St.Moritz. It is for sale by Volante AG, Classic Car Engadin.

A direct link to the advertisement including additional beautiful photography is here.

Thank you to Markus for the tip!



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