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Monday, December 14, 2009

Paris Has Chrome Wheels

I was like shopping and there was like this really cute pink surf board and I like like surfers you know their bodies are like hot and stuff, so like I so went and just bought it because it was pink and all, but then like I so did know what to do, because that day I drove with the GT not the GTC and it was annoying because the paps were all over the place taking photos and stuff but it was ok because I looked hot because I was so wearing a leapard skin print one piece with cut outs down the sides and stella heels with matching headband and major sunglasses but then I had to carry this pink surfboard or yeah I also tinkierbell my puppy so I bought him along as well and then this pink surfboard yeah, it was so like kind of hard to shove it in the GT because or the the front seat was in the way but like really what I did was just give it a bit of a knee then it slid in.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Last Christmas Paris Hilton got a pink Bentley here.

Via here.



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