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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Transgender Identity

Hello good looking.

I like your alloy shoes. Those slim white-walls are classy darling.

It looks like you are wearing a B on your centre caps tonight. Nice.

What's that sticking up on your front? Happy to see me?

That's certainly a new look matching you alloys with silver arches. Haven't seen that before. Very sophisticated.

Am I observing a smooth rear?

Yes I am. Shaved badges. Smooth and nondescript. Hot.

Oh, oh, from this angle darling your makeup is a little bit off.

Or actually more intriguing.

Hello ladyboy!

Bright eyes, a man face and lady jewellery.

Prance down the street and flaunt what you got!

I think you may quite enjoy the back seat!

And the front seat - there's controls to take you anywhere.

But this angle is not the best.

It's the people that put on the brakes who hold you back.

Yes, the brake pedal reveals too much. RR.



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