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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Two Corniche's in 1980

David has sent in some great pictures he took in 1980 of two Corniches.

The first location is at the Rolls Royce showrooms on Conduit St, London.

It certainly is the car to put in the front window!

It has the classic 1900TU registration.

Now something not to do to your new Corniche.

David also took these photos in 1980, this time in Toronto.

"Apparently the owner from Manitoba left it in Toronto at a friend's place over the winter and told him to start it up every few weeks."

"Well, the friend forgot to turn it off and the catalysts overheated..."

The images do demonstrate that fact that the bonnet, boot and doors of a Corniche are made of aluminium and the rest steel.

Thanks David for sending in these excellent photos.



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