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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bentley R Type Continential Register

The Bentley R Type Continential Register is a fantastic resource for Bentley spotters.

Take a look at this beauty.

It just gives you an instant smile. Then an inquisitive mind may want to know more. Simple hit the Bentley R Type Continential Register.

So what can we tell? Well, the body tells us it is a R Type Contiential, and that it is a fastback. Then there is the registration number. ABC 12. Lets look it up.

Registration number ABC 12. Oh that is car engine number BC6E, a 4.9 which is an E series car. It's body number 5809 by H J Mulliner. It was delivered 20 April 1955 via Jack Barclay Ltd to its first owner W.P. Harrower from England.

He then sold it on the 10 March 1958 to W. L. E. Frisby also from England. In 1965 Frisby sold the car to Wm. R. Pennell from Canada. The car was again sold to another Canadian in 1970, one Blair Hamilton who eight years later sold it back to an Englishman Guy Black. Mr Black sold it a year later to Campbell Mackenzie of England. The current owner, Manrico Iachia from Poland Portugal acquired the car in 1998.

The original colour was black, but the paint was removed and alloy coachwork was polished. Simply fantastic.

Nearly all the Bentley R Type Continentals are on the register. When you spot one next time, look it up!

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