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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

From The Classifieds

Team Bentley Spotting is running a little late with From The Classifieds for this week...
Blame a little too much of the season's festivities.
So while this 1966 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow is advertised in the January 2014 edition of Classic & Sports Car magazine, the dealer's website indicates it is already been sold to a lucky buyer.
But lets take a closer look anyway...
It's painted in astral blue with blue leather piped blue.
And has the wonderful "chppendale dash" found on the early cars.
But this isn't just one of the 499 early cars.
It's chassis SRH01020...
SBH01001, a Bentley T, is the first of the Silver Shadow cars. That car and the subsequent 10 cars were used by Rolls-Royce Motors for promotional purposes.
This suggests that SRH01020 is one of the first 10 customer cars.
So it's a very early car...
I like it.
It was advertised at GBP 14,995 - I hope the new owner enjoys it.
Thanks to for chassis numbers.
(Posted by Andy)


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