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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bentley Arnage T Le Mans Mulliner

I do like it when people go all out and get what they want.

When you go to Bentley Mulliner you certainly can customise the details.

Without any respect for subtly.

Take a look at this Bentley Arnage T Le Mans Mulliner.

The photo quality is rubbish, but have you noticed the colour?

This is a two tone blue. Squint, that is a darker blue on the bumpers, grill surround and sides.

I quite like it. The Union Jack is on all Le Mans Arnages, as is the wing vent. Sure all Bentleys come with coloured brake callipers.

Now this is where Bentley Mulliner really comes into its own. At the owners request, the answer should be yes.

How good is this interior. It's just great.

I want this piece that colour and that piece this.

I want a machine turned alloy dashboard, but I want a wooden centre console.

I want the Bentley logo on the upper seat back. I want the Bentley logo on the head rest.

But that would mean that they are repeated? I don't care, that's what I want.

The colour combo is quite stunning.

Absolutely no consideration of resale value required in this Bentley Mulliner order!

I totally would have it!

For sale for £69,995 here.

Thanks Nigel for sending in the link.

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At 8:23 am, Anonymous basman007 said...

Fully sick!!
I want it =D


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